The Super Pack

The city of Cosmopolis is in chaos and you have been assembled to stop the evil masked supervillain Professor Pinkeye from continuing a campaign of terror across the city.

This dastardly criminal has been planting stink bombs everywhere across the city, whiffing people to distraction. The entire population is terrified to leave their homes because of the fear that a stink bomb could go off at any second, anywhere.

With the exception of the air freshener and intimate fragrance sectors, the city’s economy is on its knees.

But who is the pesky perpetrator? How are they manufacturing the tonking toxin? And most importantly how can they be stopped?

So far, even the city’s slickest band of superheroes – The Super Pack – have failed. All our caped crusaders have mysteriously disappeared in their quest to impose justice and restore the peace.

You’re our last hope. The Super Pack’s sidekicks… and one or two innocent bystanders.

You’ve come across some intelligence that has led you to believe that the entrance to Professor Pinkeye’s evil lair is somewhere in the Badlands of Cosmopolis. So this is where your mission begins.

Go forth team. Keep your wits about you. And you have one hour to stem the stench (convenient, right?).

This room can accommodate up to six players. We recommend ages 12 and above. At least one player must be 18 or older.

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