Team building

Working as a cohesive team is essential when it comes to tackling the immersive challenges within an escape room. These thrilling experiences test your ability to think under pressure, meet tight deadlines, and collaborate effectively. With determination and a united front, teams can explore every nook and cranny of the escape room, decipher clues, and conquer the perplexing tasks that lie in wait. Let the adventure begin!

The ultimate reward in an escape room is the sheer excitement and enjoyment it brings. These immersive experiences foster collaboration and encourage teams to engage in thrilling brainstorming sessions to conquer each task. Along the way, participants have the opportunity to enhance their skills in various areas.

Diversity of ideas: Each individual has a unique contribution to offer, ensuring that every participant has a chance to shine and showcase their exceptional talents.

Communication: The most valuable solutions often arise from the keen observations of quieter, thoughtful individuals. To foster innovation, it is crucial for teams to continuously exchange their findings, challenge their limitations, and develop active listening skills.

Collaboration: Escape rooms are expertly designed to guarantee that all participants are able to discover concealed secrets. It quickly becomes evident to the team that, without teamwork, crucial clues may elude them…

Mastering Time Management: It is imperative for teams to monitor the clock and chart their course of action in a strategic manner.

Focus: Teams will encounter a wide range of puzzles that will put their cognitive abilities to the test. From perplexing challenges that demand extensive brainpower to quick-solving tasks that can be completed in a matter of seconds, every step of the journey guarantees excitement. With hidden rooms waiting to be uncovered, participants must remain fully engaged and focused to conquer each stage and unlock new adventures.

Team building and bonding: Those who embark on this adventure are guaranteed an unforgettable experience, regardless of whether or not they conquer the room. After all, the thrill lies in the challenge. Teams will not only learn to overcome obstacles but also have a blast while doing so.

Each game encourages teams to think, laugh, and share an hour with others. If they enjoy their time together, they will have won.

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Our prices for corporate groups

Number of players per roomPrice of room
2£59 inc VAT
3£83 inc VAT
4-8£103 inc VAT*
9£189 inc VAT
10£210 inc VAT

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