Team building

With many businesses now working flexibly, on shifts, in the physical workspace, or at home, we’ve got  a team building solution to suit physical, hybrid, or remote teams. 

Our team building experience will give your groups the chance to experiment with how they work individually but, more importantly, how they lead and follow in collaboration with others.

Teams must work together to scour the escape room for information and unravel a series of challenges. Importantly escape rooms provide a setting to reproduce an environment of tight deadlines, high pressure environments, and the need to work together.

The ultimate prize in an escape room is fun but the concepts encourage groups to brainstorm to complete tasks. They help develop skills in the following areas:

Diversity of ideas: Everyone brings something different, and every player will have opportunities to show their strengths. 

Communication: Some of the best solutions come from quiet, observant players, so teams have to share their findings constantly, step out of their comfort zones – and learn to listen. 

Collaboration: Escape rooms are designed so everyone can discover things, and the team will quickly realise that unless everyone works together, they might miss a vital clue…

Time management: Teams are encouraged to keep an eye on the clock and always plan their next steps strategically. 

Focus: Some puzzles will require serious brain power; others could take just seconds (and there might be hidden rooms…). During the experience teams will be immersed and will have to hold their concentration in order to unlock the next stage.

Team building and bonding: People who come to have a good time will have a good time, even if they don’t complete the room. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be exciting, so teams have to learn to be challenged – but have fun too.

Each game encourages teams to think, laugh, and share an hour with others. If they enjoy their time together, they will have won.

Drop us an email at info@majormindgames.com to find out more about our corporate and team building experiences.

Our prices for corporate groups

Number of players per roomPrice of room
2£59 inc VAT
3£83 inc VAT
4£103 inc VAT
5-9£119 inc VAT*
10£210 inc VAT

*Use the code 9TO5 at the checkout when you book to take advantage of the discount, or email us at info@majormindgames.com to arrange your booking, and we can apply the relevant discounts for larger group. If you use this discount, proof that all participants are from an organisation, may be requested upon arrival.

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