Major Mindgames Horsham

Have you got what it takes to play Major Mindgames?

Major Mindgames is an immersive escape room experience in the centre of Horsham, West Sussex. From our not-so-secret HQ, intrepid challengers – of all ages and abilities – can catapult themselves to a variety of thrilling adventures…

Travel back in time to the rip-roaring 1920s and become detectives in
a fiendish murder mystery.

Or – if you’re brave enough – hunt for the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Bring between 5 and 8 players and pay for just 4 every weekday. Use the code MOREFOR4 at the checkout to take advantage of the discount.

Sources suggest a new paranormal entity will be making its way into Bump in the Night from Monday 3 until Friday 14 April, bringing a reward of chocolate Easter goodies 🍭🍬🍫

If you dare to face the monsters and want to play Bump in the Night on a weekday from 3-14 April, you can get a 25% discount with the promocode BUNNY.

Enter our rooms… if you dare

Bring your team to delve into new dimensions, solve puzzles, crack codes, follow the clues, and beat the clock. Can you master the mysteries of Major Mindgames in 60 minutes and emerge triumphant?

Is it a monster?

Knottoosh Abbey:
A murder mystery

A comic book caper
(opening 10 April)

VAT registration number: 431 2595 13