Here are some frequently asked questions, but if you need any more information or advice, please drop us a line at info@majormindgames.com.

What is an escape room?

Basically it’s a room (no prizes for guessing that) with a difference. Packed with puzzles, clues, mysteries, surprises and intrigue, escape rooms transport teams of two-to-eight players into immersive adventures; making them the heroes (or in some cases villains) of cleverly-crafted plots.

Teams are given an hour (or a bit more if the games host is feeling generous), to solve a set of apparently random clues and ‘complete’ the room – although they’re never actually locked in.

How will we know what to do in the room?

Fear not. You’ll be fully briefed on how the game works when you arrive, and we’ll go through all the safety and game-play information you need.

The clues and puzzles will be apparent during the game. Your games host will be your biggest cheerleader, and will be on hand to support you whenever you need them for the whole time.

What are the difficulty levels of the rooms?

It’s hard to say because some people find some puzzles and clues easier than others.

Factors like how well you know each other, how energised you are, or even what you’ve eaten for lunch can affect how hard you might find the puzzles.

We find that the difficulty of our rooms is subjective depending on where your strengths lie as a team. Therefore, we recommend you choose the room you think sounds like the most fun!

What should I wear?

While we STRONGLY encourage fancy dress (we love seeing the best superhero, ghostbusting, or 1920’s costumes), if you would rather wear something more low key, comfortable clothes and shoes / trainers, are best.

Will I be scared?

Not really. None of our permanent games are horror and none of them are designed to be frightening. You might have the occasional jump or surprise, but we’re more focused on fun than terror.

If, at any time in any game, you would like to come out, you will never be locked in and can exit the room whenever you want.

Will I be locked in the room?

No – you can leave the room at any time you like, but the clock will keep counting down while you’re away.

I’m claustrophobic. Are the rooms suitable for me?

None of the rooms are small, but some elements of the game might require some players to be in a smaller space. If you would like to come and see the space before booking please let us know and we can arrange a visit beforehand.

How many people can play?

Knottoosh Abbey and Bump in the Night can accommodate up to 10 people, and The Super Pack can accommodate up to 6 people.

Our Halloween Room ‘The Haunting’ and our Christmas room ‘The Scruffalous has nicked Christmas!!’ can both accommodate up to 8 people.

If there are more of you give us a call and we can see what we can do to help. We would advise the optimal number of people per room is between 4 and 6 people.

Do you offer discounts for emergency services (for example)?

We absolutely do. Take a look at our not-so-top-secret discounts page at www.majormindgames.com/secret-discounts and we’ll hook you up.

Is this a good corporate team building activity?

With many businesses now working flexibly, on shifts, in the physical workspace, or at home, we’ve got  a team building solution to suit physical, hybrid, or remote teams. 

Our team building experience will give your groups the chance to experiment with how they work individually but, more importantly, how they lead and follow in collaboration with others.

Click here or email us at info@majormindgames.com to find out more about our corporate packages.

Can children play the games?

Yes – an escape room is a great activity for a family. But we recommend that children aged 10 or above would have the most fun. This age may vary between our games but any players under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult (18 or over) who would be required to be present in the room for the duration of the game. This is for health and safety purposes, and also because some of the puzzles might be too challenging for younger players who would need some additional help.

Our most popular room for younger adventurers (who will need some grow-up help) is Bump in the Night, which is a fun light-hearted game.

The Super Pack is designed for those aged 12 and over and has some complex puzzles.

Knottoosh Abbey has slightly harder challenges and themes, so would be best for players 15 or over.

Do you host children’s parties?

We do not host children’s parties but an escape room is a great way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. We recommend that children aged 10 or above would have the most fun in our Bump in the Night room.

We can accommodate groups of up to 8 children (aged 10 or over) in Bump in the Night, provided they are accompanied by at least one paying adult who would be required to be present in the room for the duration of the game.

The lower age limit may vary between our games but any players under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult (18 or over) who would be required to be present in the room for the duration of the game.

This is for health and safety purposes, and also because some of the puzzles might be too challenging for younger players who would need some additional help.

Do I need to be physically fit to play?

No – most of our puzzles are based on skill and logic. No physical strength, agility, or dexterity is needed – just mental fitness and quick thinking. You may feel the need to sit on the floor to solve a puzzle, or indeed move around the room at a fast pace though, as adrenaline gets the better of you.

What happens if we can’t complete the room in 60 minutes?

If you don’t finish the room within 60 minutes, your game host will come and let you out. If there’s time, they will show you and talk you through the rest of the game. If not, you are more than welcome to come back and try again at any time.

You can ask for clues throughout the game though, to keep things moving if you get stuck.

Will you mix teams and put us in a room with strangers?

Absolutely not. If you book a room it is yours for the duration of the game, we never add additional players from outside of your booking to make up numbers.

What time should I arrive for my game?

We require all teams to arrive 15 minutes before your booked time. This will give you a chance to ask questions you may have and for your games host to have plenty of time to give you a health and safety and backstory briefing before you start.

Help! I think I’m going to be late. What should I do?

We do require that all players arrive 15 minutes before the start of their game for a health and safety briefing. If you are going to be late please call us on 07830 493931 to let us know.

When we can, we will try and make sure that we can get you into your game for the full 60 minutes, however we may need to shorten your game depending how late you are.

Do I need to bring anything?

You may be asked for ID as part of proof of purchase or proof of age on arrival. You’ll be asked not to use your phones or tablets in the escape room, but we have somewhere safe and secure for you to store your personal belongings.

Is there parking available onsite?

We are not able to provide parking spaces, due to our top secret location (!), but parking is readily available at the Swan Walk multi-story carpark, which is accessible 24 hours a day and is within a three-minute walk of our venue. If you’d prefer to park somewhere else, you can also use The Forum (7 minute walk); and Piries Place (7 minute walk).

Are your online bookings and payments secure?

Absolutely.  All bookings are made via our booking service (Resova.com) and payments are processed by our payment provider (Squareup.com).

I’m pregnant, can I still play?

Most of the aspects of our games are suitable for pregnant people as there is very little physical activity involved, but please advise a member of staff when you arrive, so we can make sure we take any additional measures if appropriate.

Do you have disabled access?

We do. All of our rooms are accessible, but please do drop us a line at info@majormindgames.com if you have any questions about accessibility, so we can ensure you can get everything you need out of your experience.

We do not think anything in the room will be a problem to most people, but we want to make sure you are safe at all times.

Can I take pictures and video in the rooms?

No,  if there are loads of photos it could ruin the surprise for everyone else who comes to play. We can get some pictures of you and your team when you finish though, to share.

Can I bring food and drink into the room?

We ask that you don’t.

Can I bring a dog into the room?

Unfortunately we can only allow guide dogs in our Escape Rooms, so pets that are not guide dogs will have to stick to playing escape rooms in your own home.

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