The Scruffalous has nicked Christmas!!

Running from 25 November until 31 December 2023

You wouldn’t like The Scruffalous. And The Scruffalous certainly wouldn’t like you.

The Scruffalous hates nearly everything: friends, family, parties, Easter, Halloween… you name it. There’s only one thing the Scruffalous loves – Christmas. So much so The Scruffalous is trying to steal it all for itself.  

It shoplifts Christmas decorations and toys, it robs people’s houses and steals their presents, it orders everything from the Christmas menu at restaurants – and leaves just before the bill comes.  

But Santa Claus has clocked on and placed the Scruffalous right at the very top of the Naughty List.  

Santa doesn’t just employ elves… he’s much too sophisticated for that. He has a team of super-intelligent, highly trained operatives, known as Team Sleigh. That’s you by the way. And you’ve employed all the high-tech gadgetry at your disposal to find out where the Scruffalous hides its seasonal stash. And… it’s here in Horsham…

Your intelligence has also uncovered blueprints for a device the Scruffalous has invented, that transports it directly from its den of dastardly deeds to anywhere in the world. This puts Santa at threat – he’ll be out delivering presents for quite some time, so the Scruffalous has opportunity to infiltrate any house it wants right after Santa has visited and LITERALLY steal Christmas. You have to stop it!  

It’s Christmas Eve, so the Scruffalous is currently out robbing some other poor soul, so you need to use your time wisely. You need to use the device to make your way to the home of Scruffy’s latest victim – Granny Maude – return the stolen presents and decorations, disarm the device so the Scruffalous can’t use it anymore, and then finally make your way back to the North Pole before the Scruffalous gets back and locks you up with the rest of its Christmas collection.

You have an hour to save Christmas.

This room can accommodate up to 8 players. We recommend ages 10 and above. At least one player must be 18 or older.

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