Knottoosh Abbey

It is 1924. Last night Lord and Lady Knottoosh threw a glittering Dinner party, inviting a group hand-picked elite well-trodden society ‘old money’ to dine on sumptuous cuisine and imbue lashings of extortionate vino.

But just before cocktail hour, one of the guests – a family friend – Sir Perry Becksickle, hurriedly left the dining room of lavish Knottoosh Abbey, and minutes later was found in the hallway; dead – evidently poisoned.

The local police eventually arrived at the scene of the crime but being unsuitably sozzled themselves having been called out at such an anti-social hour, carried out a botched investigation and promptly arrested Mrs Elsie Spratt, the abbey’s cook – working to the assumption that no one else could have had the means to put the poison into the toff’s toffee pudding.

This is your one and only chance. Believing there has been a miscarriage of justice and hoping to clear the name of your friend and colleague Elsie, you must use this time wisely – carry out your own investigation and find out who offed Sir Perry… but to get to the ‘who?’, you’ll have to work out the ‘why?’

Please note Knottoosh Abbey will be closed from 25 September until 3 November

This room can accommodate up to 10 players. We recommend ages 15 and above. At least one player must be 18 or older.

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