Bump in the Night

In a dark dark room there was a… seven-year-old kid called Frankie, who lives with his mum, dad, and nan in a suburban house.

Everything seems normal. Everything seems as it should be. But things have been going bump in the night…

Fascinated by the paranormal, Frankie has become obsessed with the belief that there are ‘monsters’ and ‘strange abnormalities’ entering his room at night. Mum and dad are at their wits’ end – after all, monsters are just make-believe… aren’t they?

It’s 7pm on a school night, and Frankie is going to bed at 8pm. You represent a group of paranormal investigators hired by his parents to enter the room, work out what the paranormal presence is – and put an end to Frankie’s nightmares.

Unfortunately, Frankie’s recent misbehaviour has caused his parents to lock away most of his toys, so excuse the padlocks in the room. In saying that, if you can manage to crack the codes and unlock the locks, you’ll see that Frankie has left you several clues from his own ‘investigation’, that will help you in your mission. You have one hour…

This room can accommodate up to 10 players. We recommend ages 10 and above. At least one player must be 18 or older.

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